Ultra Music Festival Miami Finally Enacts New Age Restriction

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Since 1999, Ultra Music Festival has prided itself on being at the forefront of the electronic dance community. Keeping with that trend, festival organizers have enacted a new age restriction which limits the former all ages event to entrants 18 years and older.

The decision comes in response to an incident that occurred this past year in which a 28 year old female security officer was trampled by UMF gatecrashers, leaving her with severe brain hemorrhaging and a leg injury. This horrific incident drew national news coverage and even had local officials calling for the city of Miami to deny the festival permits for future years.

UMF and it’s organizers have now pledged to focus on matching their top-of-the-line production with top-of-the-line safety and security measures.

“The first step to having fun is feeling safe,” festival Security Director Ray Martinez said, “We have chosen to adopt several new measures during next year’s festival to ensure our event is safe and secure. The first step to preserving the unique atmosphere that Ultra is famous for is to be proactive in attracting the right crowd.”

To further show their commitment to festival safety, a new UMF flier promoting next years event includes the disclaimer, “The safety and security of our attendees, artists/performers, and personnel are our utmost priority and concern.”

A potentially more mature UMF Miami will take place March 27-29 of next year and pre-registration for tickets will open on Sept. 15.

Photo Cred: Kengo Allnight