Google Play Teams Up with Steve Angello to Give Away a #DECADE of Size

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When Steve Angello and his label Size first announced they would be celebrating a decade of fantastic record releases, it was with the #DECADE party to take place March 27, during MMW. After the announcement, the site updated to a simple countdown ending on March 3.

Today, the ticker struck zero and Angello dropped a mammoth statement in a youtube video (shown below). The video is a powerful tribute to Size records and publicizes a joint venture between Google Play, Angello’s new “creative agency” Rebels and his label-Size.

The organizations together have launched quite possibly the most thought-provoking promotion ever offered to EDM fans, and music fans alike. Leading up to MMW in Miami, Google Play members will be able to download the entirety of the Size record-label music-catalog (more than 170 songs from over 80 different artists)……for free.

“I don’t think that music should always be for free, but I think if there’s stuff that can be done the way we’ve done it now, I think labels should give it a try,” Angello said of the Google Play partnership.

Google remains ahead of the game as it teams up with one of the hottest artists and record labels in the EDM world, Angello and Size. This should gain its slightly less popular application service, Google Play, plenty of positive press and notoriety with a younger, “more hip” audience. Google Play is to the Android operating system as iTunes is to Apple’s iOS.


In an industry that just 14 years ago sued Napster for allowing people to share their favorite music with each other at no cost, its ironic artists and record labels now are choosing to giveaway more free tracks than ever before. Reasons for the change in heart include the growth of live performances, the increased branding of the artist by corporations, and the shift from physical to digital music sales.

“We took a pretty hard hit when it came to finances [and] trying to sell records when it became digital, so for me it really doesn’t make much of a big difference financially if I give it away for free or if I sell it,” Angello explained. I’m sure Google also paid Angello and his label a ‘SIZE-able’ payment in exchange for releasing the music catalog on its site, so don’t shed a tear for Steve just yet.

What we can learn from this powerhouse partnership is that EDM is now a hot commodity and has crept out from the underground. Corporations now see the value of working with EDM artists, labels, and brands and recognize the endless potential we as an EDM culture possess.