The Bloody Beetroots Kick Off US Leg of “Chaos & Confusion World Tour”

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Making the first stop on their US-leg of the “Chaos & Confusion World Tour”, The Bloody Beetroots played to a half-capacity, fan-filled crowd at Revolution Live in Fort Lauderdale, FL on May 15.

IMG_4264To those unfamiliar with the Italian electro-punk band, The Bloody Beetroots was first established in 2006 and serves as the pseudonym for the musical projects put forth by Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo.
Best known for the black and white “Venom” masks they adorn while performing as a live band, as well as a DJ duo at various festivals and clubs around the world.



The Revolution Live venue opened their doors at 8:30 p.m. however when I walked past at 11:00 p.m., there was no line outside and the inside seemed to be fairly empty. When I picked up my tickets from the box office, I asked the girl who handed me my tickets who the opening acts were. She shrugged, giggled and replied, “no idea.IMG_4143



From my perspective, the crowd seemed torn between those who were enjoying the opening act DJ Jayceeoh, an artist I had come across at the “Verse Us” Miami Music Week event this past March, and Beetroot fans who were yelling, “Fuck Trap!



During the short intermission while the stage crew prepared for The Bloody Beetroots to perform, I stopped to ask Beetroot fans Valerie Bea and Francisco Soto their perspective of the live event.

Once the masked musicians took to the stage, the crowd was powerless. Rifo provided vocals and entertained on a synthesized-grand piano. He was accompanied by his Beetroot band including a live drummer and keyboardist/bassist. The band’s performance throughout the night was nothing but spectacular, managing to recreate the familiar sound and energy provided during their DJ sets and studio albums.

When the familiar tick-tock sample from the hit-track “Warp 1.9” kicked onto the speakers, the crowd turned into a big, sweaty mosh pit. Rifo occasionally tossed the mic into the crowd, which then took turns showcasing their best screamo impressions.

In comparison with The Bloody Beetroots DJ sets I have witnessed in years past, the live tour definitely brings a different experience and is a must see. However, the next time I take a trip to Revolution Live, I will expect the headliner to take the stage later into the night.

My presumption that the show would conclude at 2:00 a.m., as I mentioned previously, led me to only put enough money into the parking-meter until that time.

I even have the parking ticket to prove (4)

Photo Cred: @Kengoallnight