Relive Oliver Heldens’ First Performance at Mansion Miami

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As my friends and I walked up to Mansion Nightclub (August 2) around 1 a.m., there was an eerie absence of the typical hustle and bustle one would expect from Miami Beach on a Saturday night. Once inside, there was no denying the party was in full force for Oliver Heldens first headlining DJ set in Miami.

Laurent Simeca warmed up the party properly until Heldens took to the stage around 1:30 a.m. The crowd seemed to enjoy Heldens’ blend of Deep-House with sprinkled in club favorites including a remix of Daft Punk’s “Around the World” and a melodic mashup of “Sweet Dreams” with Mr Belt & Wezol’s “Shiver.”

Mansion exploded with energy when Heldens dropped his most recognizable tracks, his remix of Martin Garrix’s “Animals” and his U.K. #1 hit track “Gecko (Overdrive).”

One of the most unique tracks I heard throughout the night was a Laidback Luke bootleg entitled “Goes Around,” sampling Justin Timberlake’s single sharing the same name. Being that Saturdays at Mansion are typically more commercial, the crowd absolutely loved the homage to the new “King of Pop”, and sang along with every word.

As if the smooth, underground basslines were not enough during Heldens’ set, female Cirque du Soleil-style acrobats appeared in the crowd and then ascended above the audience in sexy outfits.    

Various stunts and visual effects were performed, all which are dwarfed by the fact you are staring at beautiful, (basically) topless dancers.

Soon after Heldens relinquished his duties to the closing DJ, the girls packed up their heels, and we waved down a cab. Overall, I thought Heldens performed a tremendous two-hour set filled with plenty of heart-pounding hits, and I cannot wait until he comes back to Miami for another Heldeep club session. 


Photo Cred: Kengo Allnight / @OliverHeldens